WP6: Dissemination

Celso Arango Photo

W.P Leader
Celso Arango

Objectives of the Work Package

The main objective of our WP6 is to interact with representatives from key- stakeholders groups and networks within the field of psychosis throughout the execution of the project, disseminate the results of the project and train users of the PSYSCAN tool and implement it throughout the European Union.

Description of the tasks

Dissemination activities include the development of website (www.psyscan.eu), annual stakeholder workshops for consultation and dissemination, production of leaflets, social media outings (including Facebook and Twitter), publication of articles in scientific journals and the organization of a final PSYSCAN conference. We will develop a contact database of the key stakeholders who are active in psychiatric care across Europe, including psychiatry professionals, professional associations and academic institutions, patient organisations and non-governmental organisations involved in the provision of psychiatry care. This will be built up with the help of the ECNP neuroimaging network, ECNP ambassadors from Eastern European countries, and the EPA Section of Neuroimaging. The contact database will be used to consult stakeholders and end-users of PSYSCAN results on their needs and expectations throughout the project, to ensure swift dissemination and implementation of results once developed. Stakeholder consultation will be achieved through setting up a stakeholder forum with representatives from key-stakeholder groups including national psychiatric associations, pan-European psychiatric and research bodies (including EPA, ECNP neuroimaging network, ROAMER), policy making bodies, pharma and medical technology providers. One early adopter center in each Member State will be appointed for leading the local dissemination and implementation of PSYSCAN, supported by our team. This includes promoting the standardization of acquisition parameters needed for the PSYSCAN tool. New participants will commit to using PSYSCAN routinely in the assessment of all high risk and first episode patients and healthy controls thereafter. In return for collecting data using PSYSCAN, centers will be given exclusive access to the software and the associated reference databases, and provided with a rapid return of predictive results when they enter a patient’s data. Although PSYSCAN will be developed for psychosis, recommendations will be given on their applicability to other mental disorders as the principles and some of the assessment measures would be the same.