WP4: Building of the PSYSCAN tool

W.P Leader
IXICO, Kate McLeish

Objectives of the Work Package

The goal of the project is to develop a prototype tool that is suitable for CE marking as a medical device and commercialization as a clinical decision support tool.

Description of the tasks

IXICO has been providing technology to support data management and image analysis in clinical trials for many years. We have a track record of developing and translating advanced algorithms for disease diagnostics from research into regulatory approved medical devices. Since 2013, IXICO markets Assessa, a CE-marked medical device to support dementia diagnosis. Assessa incorporates advanced image processing and machine learning technology to provide an automated assessment of imaging biomarkers for dementia for diagnosis and prognosis. In PSYSCAN, IXICO is leading on the development of a digital healthcare platform for patient management. During the study we will provide a platform to support the prospective trials that are being run and as the project evolves we will translate this into a platform for patient management in the clinic. This platform will provide an interface to clinicians to upload patient data and to receive a report that incorporates all relevant patient information. We are working with our partners, Cambridge Cognition, in providing the interfaces for the data capture. In the clinician tool, the patient report will present patient data in a structured manner as well as the diagnostic/prognostic information extracted through the machine learning and image processing algorithms developed as part of PSYSCAN.