WP1: Project Management

W.P Leader Philip McGuire

Objectives of the Work Package

The main objectives of WP1 are to ensure the proper overall management of the project, relating to both scientific as well as administrative/legal/financial aspects.

Description of the tasks

King’s College London, as the Coordinator of PSYSCAN, is responsible for WP1. More specifically, WP1 manages the PSYSCAN project according to approved plans, guidelines and agreements as set in the EC Grant Agreement. WP1’s responsibility is to ensure scientific dialogue and communication across the consortium, and efficient administration in accordance with EC guidelines and requirements, as well as timely reporting. Together with Prof. McGuire, there are two project managers involved in WP1: Dr. Alexis Cullen, in charge of scientific coordination and management of the scientific activities, taking on responsibility for project management and controlling, contractual management, communication management and resources management.