Work Plan


Management of the PSYSCAN project

To ensure the efficient scientific and administrative management of the project.


Identification of measures for stratification

Merge existing datasets Perform mega-analyses Identify measures that stratify samples Determine optimal combination of different measures for stratifications Assess practical utility of measures


Development of new software for data analysis

Build pipelines for NI data Test novel methods of analysis on data from WP2 Develop new analysis software Build reference databases Identify measures that can stratify using data from subject


Building the PSYSCAN tool

Incorporate new software & reference databases fromn WP3 Test prototype tool on data from WP2 Create user friendly interface Build system for communication of data and results


Validation of the PSYSCAN tool

Multi-centre naturalistic studies to validate PSYSCAN in clinical sttings Standardised data collection using measures that permit stratification standardised clinical follow up


Dissemination of the validated PSYSCAN tool

Adoption of PSYSCAN in psychiatric centres across the EU Training of clinicians in use of psyscan